Mavenfall is a hybrid strategy game that mixes CCGs (collectible card games) with battlefield miniatures. The heroes you collect, or “mavens,” come with their own unique decks of action cards that form the heart of every battle. As different cards are unlocked, players will be able to tailor each maven’s deck to their liking.
You’ll then choose the mavens they want to bring into battle and square off against live opponents in the PVP Arena. Mavenfall offers plenty of strategy and all the fun of deck-building, but streamlines the process to get players into the action faster than ever before.



  • Collectible heroes, each with their own deck of unique card-driven skills
  • Strategic PVP battles that average 5-8 minutes in length
  • Hand-drawn animations and richly painted visuals
  • ReplayKit integration, allowing players to record and share their battlesĀ 
  • Monetization that respects the player



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Logo and Icons


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Fact sheet

  • Developer:Blue Tea Games US
  • Website:
  • Release Date: Fall 2015
  • Platform: IOS and Android
  • Price: Free

About Blue Tea Games

Founded in 2003 by Steven Zhao, Blue Tea Games are the creators of the critically acclaimed Dark Parables series of hidden object games, as well as the 2014 mobile match-3 puzzle fighter Fable Age. The studio has offices in Hong Kong and San Francisco, and asks one simple thing of its players: to imagine that playing games is as comforting as sipping tea. And Blue Tea’s games? They taste like blue tea: curiously unique!


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